My Media Week 04/05/08

John Kay is a leading British business economist who writes a column in the Financial Times. At his website you can see his latest article and a very extensive archive. This week’s article is A ban on touts will not fix a rigged game.


EconTalk has an interview with William Bernstein on the History of Trade.


Doing without a ruler: in defence of anarchism. This ABC podcast features  Professor Robert Paul Wolff stating the case for anarchism


A challenge to global warming orthodoxies – part one. Professor Don Aitkin, former Vice Chancellor at the University of Canberra, delves into the question of global warming to see what’s at the heart of it. This podcast comes with a transcript


To the Best of Our Knowledge is a radio program which focusses on one topic each week; they interview people with an interest in the subject. This programme is about dumbing down, a phenomenon about which I am very sceptical. In the fist segment of the show Susan Jacoby, the author of The Age of American Unreason, talks with presenter Steve Paulson and gives several frightening examples of the way American culture is dumbing itself down, and how poorly educated many American college graduates are. In the third segment Andrew Keen a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and the author of The Cult of the Amateur: How Today’s Internet is Killing Our Culture, attacks the lack of editorial filtering on the web.


Is there a Josef Fritzl on your street?


New Federal Rules Target Deceptive Credit Card Practices. This podcast is from NewsHour on PBS and comes with a transcript.




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