Advertising Slogans Quiz

Which companies were responsible for these famous advertusing slogans?

1.       Because I’m worth it.

2.       The best a man can get

3.       The world’s favourite airline

4.       Connecting people

5.       I’m lovin’ it

6.       Hello boys.

7.       Finger lickin’ good!

8.       WASSSSSUP?!

9.       Vorsprung durch Technik

10.   The World’s Local Bank

11.   It Gives You Wiiings

12.   It’s the real thing

13.   Just do it.

14.   Life’s Good 

15.   Once you pop the fun don’t stop.

16.   Power is nothing without control

17.   Where do you want to go today? 

18.   Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach

19.   Put a tiger in your tank

20.   A diamond is forever.

21.   Pure genius

22.   Don’t Leave Home Without It 

23.   Impossible is nothing.

24.   Probably the best lager in the world

25.   The make-up of make-up artists.

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