A Collection of Euphemisms


Action movies. (=violent movies)

Air support.  (=bombing)

Ambient replenishment opportunity  (=A shelf-stacking job)

At her Majesty’s pleasure (=in prison)

Corporate entertainment.  (=prostitutes)

He has been asked to leave the country due to involvement with activities. incompatible with his diplomatic duties here. (=spying)

Inexpensive dresses for mature women with the fuller figure. (=Cheap frocks for fat, old women)

It fell off the back of a lorry. (=It was stolen)

John Holmes, actor in a niche market.(=porn actor)

Stress and duress tactics. (=torture)

The estate agent says the house needs some attention.  (=It’s falling down)

The Minister looked tired and emotional. (=He was drunk)

The negotiations were very frank. (=The two sides were about to start a fight)

The patient is in a stable condition. (=In a coma)

The Prime Minister was economical with the truth.  (=lied)

The property is in easy reach of good communications. (= It’s next to a motorway or airport)

The terrorists were neutralised.  (=killed)

There was a negative patient care outcome. (=The patient died)

We had our dog put to sleep. (=killed)

Where can I wash my hands? (=Where’s the toilet?)



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