My Media Week 31/05/08

In Our Time. The wonderful Melvyn Bragg show has a programme about probability. There are of course a lot of references to gambling, which was fundamental in the development of probability theory. (PODCAST)
Here is a link to the show’s archive. The

The Telegraph has an article on romance and train travel. (ARTICLE)

The Independent had a piece about Ted Hagee, a rather frightening Christian Zionist. (ARTICLE)

The Onion has an article about women’s career choices. (ARTICLE)

The Cato Institute has an interview with Anna J. Schwartz, an economist at the National Bureau of Economic Research in New York City. Schwartz, who was born in 1915, is perhaps most famous for her work with Milton Friedman. Here she looks at the banking crisis and the role of the Fed. (PODCASTS)

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