My Media Week 15/06/08

Here is a piece about how some groups want to keep indigenous peoples trapped in poverty with an overly romanticised idea of life in a tribe. (ARTICLE)


John Kay gives us his perspective on the current agricultural crisis. (ARTICLE)


On the Philosopher’s Zone this week, a conversation with Simon Critchley, author of The Book of Dead Philosophers. We all know about Socrates and his hemlock but the case of Roland Barthes is less famous. The  man whose work influenced many fields including structuralism, semiotics, existentialism, Marxism and post-structuralism,  was hit by a laundry van while walking home through the streets of Paris. (PODCAST)


Lingua Franca is about the case heard last week, in a court in Athens, about the word ‘lesbian’, in which the plaintiffs are claiming that the prerogative to the term belongs to the inhabitants of the island of Lesbos. They are seeking for a ban to be placed on its use by the gay organisation, the Homosexual and Lesbian Community of Greece. (PODCAST)


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