My Media Week 21/06/08

The Telegraph’s Craig Brown does a spoof Labour 2010 manifesto. (ARTICLE)


The NPR show The Bryant Park Project has an interview with author Nicholas Carr, whose provocative article  “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” has just appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, claims that while the Internet enables us to get lots of information very quickly, we are unable to really think about it deeply. (PODCAST)


There is a better way to stop bank failures.  An article by John Kay. (ARTICLE)


ABC’S The Philosopher’s Zone has a piece about Egalitarianism (PODCAST)


Finally a couple of things in Spanish.

Xavier Sala-i-Martin, the Catalan professor of economics at Columbia University, is very well known but I hadn’t actually got round to reading any of his stuff. So I was pleased the other day to find a website with loads of his articles. His philosophy is summed up in “No quiero que me toquen ni la cartera ni la bragueta.” Using Babel Fish for automatic translation it comes out as, “I do not want that they touch neither to the portfolio nor the fly to me.” He explains himself very clearly here:

Ni de izquierdas ni de derechas, sino todo lo contrario. Las dos son esquizofrénicas. La derecha predica libertad cuando se habla de economía, pero si hablamos de sexo, religión o gays pide al Estado que preserve los valores. La izquierda es igual, pero al revés. El individuo es estúpido a la hora de gastar, pero a la hora de casarse, no. Yo soy igual las 24 horas del día. Mi lema es: ¡Que no me toquen la cartera ni la bragueta! La derecha mete la mano en la bragueta. La izquierda, en la cartera. Basically it means that he is against state intervention in both the economic and moral spheres. (ARTICLES)


Many of you may know Alberto, from my quiz nights. He has a blog where he gives his take on the world.

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