My Media Week 28/06/08

Spiked has a feature about eco-warrior George Monbiot. This should give you a flavour of it;

Not many moons ago, Monbiot was looked upon by many people as a green-ink eccentric, who was probably given a newspaper column on the same basis that friends of the Marquis de Sade smuggled scraps of paper and pots of ink into his cell in the Charenton insane asylum: because if he’s kept busy writing, he won’t go utterly off his nut. (The chasm-shaped difference between the Marquis and Monbiot, of course, is that the former wrote some brilliant stuff that nobody was allowed to read, while the latter writes inane copy that one can hardly escape.)  (ARTICLE)


Julian Baggini has written about The dilemmas that force us to compromise our morals. (ARTICLE)


Melvyn Bragg’s programme In Our Time discusses the mighty Arab conquests of the 7th century. (PODCAST AND STREAMING)


The Bottom Line This BBC programme features Evan Davis in conversation with 3 or 4 business leaders. This week they look at  youth marketing and email. (PODCAST AND STREAMING)





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