My media week 13/07/08.

Linguist Geoff Nunberg gives a balanced perspective about all those dire predictions of how new technologies will destroy our language. (STREAMING) Click here. It comes with the text.

This is not a typical article you’d expect to see in the FT – Bank leaders are a disgrace to capitalism. (ARTICLE) Click here.

The Telegraph has a piece about The University of the Third Age – a place  where retired people can continue learning. They have no lectures or exams but they do have an excellent array of subjects from from ancient Egypt to bellydancing. (ARTICLE) Click here.

Thinking Allowed is a radio discussion programme on BBC Radio 4, which focuses on the the latest social sciences research and is hosted by Laurie Taylor a Professor of Sociology at the University of York. Topics in the past have included paganism, gay chav erotic, the hairless body and even sandwiches. Some people have claimed he was the inspiration for Malcolm Bradbury’s wonderful comic creation, left-wing university lecturer Howard Kirk. Nowadays Taylor has moderated somewhat and has a nice self-deprecating sense of humour.This week’s programme is about the origins of glamour as Taylor  talks to Stephen Gundle, Professor of Film and Television Studies at Warwick University the author of a new book, Glamour a History and also discusses the history of British Advertising with Winston Fletcher, former Chairman of the Advertising Association. (PODCAST AND STREAMING) Click here.

The Daily Mash has a satirical piece about a new career path for Cristiano Ronaldo. (ARTICLE)  Click here.



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