My media week 20/07/08

The excellent Matthew Parris has an excellent article about the amount of hot air currently coming from Gordon Brown’s Labour government. The piece is called Sound and press releases, signifying nothing. Click here.


ABC  has a podcast  debating Free trade versus fair trade. Click here.


BBC Radio 4’s Analysis has a podcast about The World’s Shifting Balance. It is presented by  Martin Wolf, the chief economics commentator of the Financial Times. It deals with the dramatic changes currently affecting the world economy. The programme has a transcript and will be available until on Thursday, 24th July 2008.  Click here.


Every Saturday Ben Goldacre does an excellent column debunking bad science. His typical targets are dodgy newspaper statistics, celebrities promoting vitamin pills and alternative medicine in general. This week’s article looks at how newspapers divide  all the inanimate objects in the world into the ones that either cause or cure cancer and how this produces ridiculous stories. Click here.

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