My media week 7/9/08

The British are the masters of deceit. This article from The Times looks at the Briitsh use of deception im wartime. We learn about and Charles Fraser-Smith, the “Q” of wartime Britain. Fraser-Smith came up with garlic-flavoured chocolate, which secret agents could chew while parachuting into occupied France to ensure their breath smelt convincingly French on arrival. (ARTICLE) Click here


Laurie Taylor and his guests talk about corporate PR and high-rise living. (AUDIO) Click



Evolutionists Flock To Darwin-Shaped Wall Stain. From The Onion. Click here


John Walsh: Last orders for the pub? AN article about the problems facing British pubs. Click here


On EconTalk  John Taylor of Stanford University talks about the Taylor Rule, his description of what the Fed ought to do and what it sometimes actually does, to keep inflation in check and the economy on a steady path. Click here


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