Movie mistakes

Here are a few movie mistakes:


300 In the scenes of Leonidas with his mouth open, you can see that he has fillings in his teeth.

Gladiator Contrary to what one of the Roman officers says to Marcus Aurelius, in Aurelius’ tent after the opening battle scene, Rome was not “founded as a republic”. It was a monarchy long before becoming a republic.

In The Name Of The Father The poster of Jimi Hendrix in the jail cell is a 1993 MCA reissue.

Jurassic Park Nedry (the fat guy with glasses) is shown seated at a beachfront cafe behind the caption “San Jose, Costa Rica.” San Jose is landlocked, without any adjoining lakes.

Lawrence of Arabia As the Arab Army advances upon the Turkish rear, Lawrence and Ali look to their right at the thunder of the British artillery shelling the Turkish lines. Since in real life they were on the British right flank, they should have been looking to their left.

Quadrophenia Rockers are wearing “MOTORHEAD” T-shirts but the band didn’t exist yet.

The Departed When Colin is playing rugby near the start of the film he is playing the position of flanker, but he is wearing the no. 10 shirt, which is the position of fly half.

The Great Escape The motorcycle that Hilts (Steve McQueen) uses in his escape attempt was a 1960s British Triumph 650

The Third Man The line about the cuckoo clock being Switzerland’s only contribution to culture is factually incorrect: the cuckoo clock comes from the Black Forest, across the border in S.W. Germany.

Titanic A close-up of Captain Smith reveals that he is wearing contact lenses.

Titanic Jack is shown having to rush to make sure he caught the Titanic before it sailed. Many other steerage passengers board along side him. In fact, all steerage passengers were aboard well before the ship sailed; first class passengers did not begin boarding until all the steerage passengers were aboard.

Troy At the time of the Trojan War (circa 1260BC) the inhabitants of Greece did not refer to themselves as Greeks but as Achaians, Danaans or Argives.

Witness Amish houses do not have mirrors.


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