My media week 21/09/08

The Onion has a couple of things on the U.S. election:


Palin Unveils 9/11 Firefighter Cousin, Reformed Lesbian Niece, Naturalized Mexican Half Brother. Satirising  the opportunism of Sarah Palin. Click here.


And a video on Obama’s protectionism. Click here.


Crunch time. Now that capitalism as we know it is about to instantaneously self-destruct The Guardian got in a few old leftie dinosaurs to come up with their ideas. Daniel Cohn-Bendit, Ken Loach, George Monbiot and Tony Benn. I’m sure we can all sleep more soundly now. Click here.


Five myths about the Wall Street crisis. Spiked has its usual contrarian take. Click here.


Taxpayers will fund another run on the casino. John Kay sees limits to what banking regulation and supervision can achieve. Click here.


BBC Radio 4 has a major new series about American history . Click here

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