My media week 19/10/08

Radio Open Source has an interview with Tom Gleason about those Soviet propaganda posters, images of Lenin in the Twenties, Stalin in the Forties and Fifties, the icons of flawless Russian workers and rapacious capitalist pigs. There is a slide show to accompany the audio.


In this week’s Thinking Allowed Laurie Taylor interviews Richard Dale, Emeritus Professor of International Banking at Southampton University, author of International Banking Deregulation: The Great Banking Experiment. He one of the very few professional economists who predicted the present crisis. The podcast is available until Wednesday but you can also find it in streaming.


John Kay looks at the self-deception of many banks.


In New English Susie Dent, the star lexicographer in the longest-running British television quiz show Countdown, describes how, in her just-published Words of the Year, ‘the world’s financial markets have been one of the biggest generators of vocabulary’. This is an MP3 and there will be a transcript available.



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