My media week 26/10/08

This is an article by Julian Baggini which is related to my piece last week about robots and the Turing Test


Spiked has a couple of interesting articles:  The myth of Thatcherism and A Capital investment about Marx’s Das Kapital


The philosophy zone has an audio about the great Austrian philosopher Karl Popper. His famous falsification principle in science and his ideas about freedom and the open society are an incredible legacy for a thinker. This programme is about his views on the free market.


The Politically Incorrect Guide To Politics is a sceptical take on politicians’ promises and also looks at concepts like spontaneous order. The programme is in six parts. Go here for the first part. Once you are on You Tube, it’s easy to find the other parts.


The Guardian has an interesting profile of historian Niall Ferguson talking about his latest book and TV series, The Ascent of Money. It is an ambitious financial history by the provocative Ferguson.


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