My media week 09/11/08


John Kay’s latest article begins: ”We seek regulators more competent than their private sector counterparts, we ask them to review not just procedure but also strategy, we expect the taxpayer to take financial responsibility for their failures. There is a name for that policy. It is nationalisation.” Go here.


Big Primes, Small Numbers, Sarah Palin and the Financial Crisis. John Allen Paulos takes a look at the maths behind some recent news stories. Go here.


The Scotsman has an article about aphorisms. Go here.


The left-leaning website FAIR had a programme this week looking at Obama’s mandate and an interview with Billy Bragg. Go here.


In Our Time had an excellent programe about Aristotle’s Politcs – a two and a half thousand year old collection of notes that have cast a very long shadow in political philosophy. Go here.


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