My media week 21/12/08

Last week I did a piece about the Oxbridge interviews and this week The Times did a feature on how to answer the questions.


In these times of crisis did a parody of 15 famous corporate logos of companies fallen on hard times.


John Kay has an article about The titans’ inability to say sorry. Here is a sample of what he says:

It would be consoling to believe that these individuals know in their hearts they are at fault, but are advised not to admit it. If you are in a road accident, every decent human instinct is to say “sorry” but the small print of your insurance policy dictates otherwise. However, mostly these titans of finance do not express regret because they do not feel it. They truly believe they were victims not villains, that if the world does not allow them to make large profits the fault lies with the world, and that government agencies should protect them from the consequences of their own actions. They prattle about free markets and the evils of government but deny personal responsibility.


Last September I did a post about Simon Bikindi a Rwandan singer accused of genocide. Now he has been sentenced to . Go here for a full audio report.   

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