My media week 18/01/08

The Independent has an excellent puzzle section. I have only tried the crossword section. It’s very nice. You click on the clue you want to do and then type it into the crossword. If you don’t know a word or a letter, the program will do it for you. They also have some mathematical games.


The Cato Institute has a podcast by the American cryptographer, computer security specialist and author, Bruce Schneier about Security Theater and Balancing Risks


Robert Fisk, the veteran Middle East correspondent of The Independent has an article called When it comes to Gaza, leave the Second World War out of it. Here is a brief extract:

No, the real reason why “Gaza-Genocide” is a dangerous parallel is because it is not true. Gaza’s one and a half million refugees are treated outrageously enough, but they are not being herded into gas chambers or forced on death marches…… The issue, surely, is that war crimes do appear to have been committed in Gaza. Firing at UN schools is a criminal act. It breaks every International Red Cross protocol. There is no excuse for the killing of so many women and children.


The Onion has a video about a new Apple laptop with no keyboard and just one button – a big wheel . It takes 45 minutes to write an email, but hey, it’s shiny and made by Apple, so it must be worth having.


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