My favourite links #27

MeasuringWorth is a service for calculating relative worth over time. A colleague of mine mentioned this site whose mission statement is: to make available to the public the highest quality and most reliable historical data on important economic aggregates, with particular emphasis on nominal measures. You can calculate what £50 in 1723 would be worth in today’s prices (2007 to be precise). It’s great for questions such as was Andrew Carnegie richer than Bill Gates? Did Babe Ruth make more than David Beckham? So far, they have these calculators:


Annualized Growth Rates

Relative Values – US $

Relative Values – UK £

Relative Values – China 

Relative Values – Japan ¥

Conversion ($ and £)

Purchasing Power – US $

Purchasing Power – UK £

Savings Growth – US $

Inflation Rates

Stock Growth Rates (DJIA, SP500, & NASDAQ)





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