My media week 22/02/09

The ABC Radio National programme Background Briefing has a programme this Sunday about the role the media should pay in the global economic meltdown.


Naomi Klein denounced shock capitalism in her bestseller The Shock Doctrine but as libertarian David Boaz points out in this provocative Cato podcast on February seventeenth the current crisis is also being used by the Obama administration to expand their powers. Left-leaning figures such as Paul Krugman and Klein herself have said that this crisis is an opportunity to transform American society.


Denis Dutton looks at how genetic programming affects our aesthetic tastes in this article.


I always enjoy Ben Goldacre’s Bad Science column in The Guardian, especially when he satirises the Daily Mail’s “ongoing project to divide all the inanimate objects in the world into ones that either cause or cure cancer”. (This week the Mail ran “How Using Facebook Could Raise Your Risk of Cancer.”) However, this week he looks at how the newspapers report heroin seizures.


Finally a couple of humorous pieces: The Daily Mash referring to the recent story of a 13- year old father has  Twelve Year-Olds Urged To Knock-Up Local Tart and The Onion has Nation’s Blacks Creeped Out By All The People Smiling At Them

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