One year in the Blogosphere

It’s been about a year since I took the plunge into the blogosphere and it’s been a blast. One member of staff at IH did suggest that blogging’s time was up but I’m still standing after twelve months.  In these days of crisis and tightening our belts any pastime that is absolutely free is not to be scoffed at. I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a hobby so much; it’s great sharing my take on the world. I suppose I must infuriate many people but I hope I have a coherent weltanschaung. I consider myself a half-baked libertarian, and we are not living in good times for such views. I think we will regret some of the solutions that many governments are implementing now – I fear that this belief in mass government intervention is the triumph of hope over experience. However I don’t think my ideology is too in-your-face and I try to have links to Websites and articles from both left and right. I obviously have a predilection for sceptical points of view but I also celebrate diversity – we all have such different ways of seeing the world.  I also hope I have been able to educate and inform. I love sharing things I have read, seen or heard. I am absolutely passionate about knowledge and learning.

In these 12 months I have done 185 posts and have had more than 6,000 page views. Here is a list of the ten most popular posts:


1.      Riding Pipeline: The Sarah Palin blue movie  575 

2.      40 Oxbridge interview questions  366 

3.      Famous Political Gaffes and Blunders  316 

4.      Shakespeare’s influence on the English  129 

5.      Infamous tabloid headlines  95 

6.      Why do female models earn…….. 87 

7.      Bad Karma and Earthquakes 67 

8.      Some quotes about language 61 

9.      Living in a metaphor  44 

10.  Political gaffes and blunders #2  44 


You will see that the top postis about Sarah Palin. All those articles about spontaneous order, complexity, universal grammar, counterfactual history, the principal-agent problem etc and in the end it all comes down to sex. The articles are the most time consuming part but I enjoy writing them. I also love scouring the Internet and compiling those collections such as Famous put-downs, Untranslatable words, Really terrible predictions, Classic cock-ups, and all those quotes. I have a fixed format but that allows me to write about a wide variety of topics. Remember if you look on the right of your screen you can see all the stuff I have written over the year. It’s possible to search by category (Links, Trivia, Language etc) or by word.

            My two disappointments are the comments and the clicks to other websites. I have received around 111 comments and have posted almost all of them. Well, there was one man who made some immoral suggestions to me in response to the Sarah Palin piece. It would be great to have a more vibrant comments section but I guess people are busy and I don’t really have time to respond. The other frustration is that not so many people are clicking on to visit the sites and articles I recommend. In the My Media Week section and in My Favourite Links I try to show some interesting links. Whenever I surf the web I always look at recommended links as it’s a great way to find new material. There is so much stimulating stuff out there. For example last September I posted a link to the free online courses from Yale University. A few years ago it would have been impossible to imagine that one could listen in for free to lectures on  The American Novel Since 1945, Introduction to Psychology, Game Theory, or Modern Poetry from such a prestigious university. I get quite evangelical about this

            Anyway it’s been a lot of fun doing this. I’m really looking forward to beginning my second year of blogging. Enjoy this week’s holiday and I should have four new posts for Sunday April 12th.


One Response to One year in the Blogosphere

  1. Heen and Sheen says:

    We, the Zaragoza Twins, would like to be the first to congratulate Molivam 42 on the anniversary of his blog and will be uncorking a jeroboam of Somontano wine to go with the chicken Marengo we will be guzzling in his honour. ( – 24,587,593,478,332 hits and counting.)

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