To kettle and other new words

The other day I heard a report about the demonstrations at the G20 meeting mention something about a kettle. I didn’t that the police and the demonstrators were having a cuppa together so I went to the Wordspy website and had a look. It came up with an excellent explanation along with some other new words:



To manoeuvre protesters into a small area using a cordon of police personnel and vehicles.



A computing model in which information technology is pervasively and seamlessly integrated into the objects and activities that people use in their daily lives. [From ubiquitous computing.]


zombie bank

A bank that cannot lend money because its liabilities are greater than its assets, but remains in business thanks to government support.



Sending a salacious text message. [Blend of sex and texting.]



Adjective relating to an angry, unruly mob, particularly one seeking vengeance.



The Twitter social networking service and the people who use it. Also: twitterverse, Twitter-verse. [Blend of Twitter and universe.]



A website where a couple posts information about their upcoming or recent wedding. Also: wed-site, wed site. [Blend of wedding and website.]


ghost call

A silent phone call received from a person who has inadvertently dialled or selected the number on their mobile phone.



A backpacker who travels in style. Also: flash-packer. [Blend of flash and backpacker.]


niche dating

Dating people based on a single characteristic, or on a very limited set of characteristics.


crowd mining

Extracting useful knowledge from large databases of social information.



An obituary composed or published prior to a person’s death; a prediction of failure, particularly of a political candidate.


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