My media week 26/04/09

Wired has a piece about Jill Price, a woman with an incredible memory. although all is not what it seems. There is also video of an interview with her. Total Recall: The Woman Who Can’t Forget.


When a West German photographer set off on a trip to the East German island of Rügen just after the Wall fell in the spring of 1990, he captured a world that would soon disappear forever. Twenty years after the epochal event, he looks back on his journey in a first-person account. East Germany, Up Close and Personal. There is also a slideshow of his photos.


In this article from The New Republic Alvaro Vargas Llosa, the son of writer Mario Vargas Llosa. does a hatchet job on Hugo Chavez’s gift to President Obama at the recent Summit of the Americas, a copy of Eduardo Galeano’s Open Veins of Latin America.


More or Less: Behind the Stats, the BBC’s programme about numbers, which is presented by Tim “The Undercover Economist” Harford, is back on air. In this week’s episode they examine the arithmetic behind sustainable energy, ask if putting in 100% effort is enough and declare a dictatorship to try to explain the national debt.


In this article Chuck Norris invokes historical precedent to analyse the US response to the threat posed by Somali pirates: Jefferson, U.S. hostages and Somali pirates. Next week: Steven Seagal on the intellectual fallacies underpinning postmodernism.


ABC’S Lingua Franca talks to Elizabeth Little, who prefers word travel to world travel. She describes her love of this kind of transportation in Biting the Wax Tadpole: Misadventures of an armchair linguist.

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