My media week 10/05/09

Last November I did a piece about conspiracies, Just because you are paranoid. So I was interested in an event held at the RSA recently. Journalist and broadcaster David Aaronovitch looks at a dozen of the major conspiracy theories of the modern era and why our age is so obsessed by the idea of conspiracy: Voodoo Histories: the role of conspiracy theory in shaping modern history.


In this article from the New Yorker How David Beat Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell examines the underdog mentality and how by breaking the rules underdogs can be successful.


In the second edition of his Philosophy Monthly, Julian Baggini debates whether Christianity is a force for good with Richard Harries, former bishop of Oxford, and talks to folk singer and novelist Charlotte Greig about European philosophy and Sussex in the seventies. There’s also a round-up of some recent philosophy news.


With the current economic crisis in full swing, many people are turning their thoughts to the 1930s. The idea that Franklin Delano Roosevelt sailed in and saved capitalism is being challenged by some economists. In this Forbes article Amity Shales challenges the orthodox view of FDR: Fifteen Minutes Of Pain.


ABC’s The Science Show looks at how driving cars in cities has become like living a nightmare in a mad computer game: distractions all around and within the vehicle. The average driver needs to process 1,340 pieces of information per minute. No wonder car crashes will soon be the third largest cause of death globally. And traffic in cities is set to double. How is the average driver to cope on modern roads? Cameras, speed limits changing rapidly, and a car that cuts you off from reality? Cars – the crunch!


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