My media week 24/05/09

NPR has a feature on the science of spirituality. More than half of adult Americans report they have had a spiritual experience that changed their lives. Now, scientists from universities like Harvard, Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins are using new technologies to analyse the brains of people who claim they have touched the spiritual — from Christians who speak in tongues to Buddhist monks to people who claim to have had near-death experiences. Hear what they have discovered in this controversial field, as the science of spirituality continues to evolve.


After a recent court case, Julian Baggini asks whether should we defer to Aristotle or Plato on the potatoness of Pringles? Or ask a child? A court case raises essential questions: Crunch time for Pringles’ sense of self


This week The Philosopher’s Zone examines the problem of guilt and responsibility. The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde was published in 1886. It was hugely successful and has given us one of the archetypes of our time, but what does it have to tell us about our attitudes to guilt? Was Dr Jekyll a murderer or does the fact that the crimes were committed by his alter-ego, Edward Hyde, get him off the hook?


BBC Radio 4 presents dramatisations of all eight of John Le Carré’s George Smiley novels, with Simon Russell Beale playing George Smiley throughout. The first one is Call for the Dead.


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