My media week 14/06/09

Riccardo Rebonato of the Royal Bank of Scotland and author of Plight of the Fortune Tellers talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the challenges of measuring risk and making decisions and creating regulation in the face of risk and uncertainty. Rebonato’s book, written before the crisis, argues that risk managers often overestimate the reliability of the measures they use to assess risk. In this conversation, Rebonato applies these ideas to the crisis and to the challenges of designing effective regulation.


The BBC did  a piece about how most people have a strong aversion to the idea of receiving a donor organ from a killer.


Educationalist and commentator on educational issues, Don Tinkler from Melbourne pondered the question: Did culture determine learning or could learning determine culture? This led him to the need for research into the science of memetics and how this might be applied to educational theory and practice: Thinking about memes, minds and cultural evolution.


This year’s Reith Lectures  are about Morality in Politics. Harvard professor Michael Sandel asks what role, if any, there is for moral argument in politics.


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