My media week 29/06/09

I have done a couple of posts about thought experiments and in this week’s Analysis Janet Radcliffe Richards looks at a fascinating range of new experiments shedding light on how humans make moral choices.


Edge has a piece entitled: How does our language shape the way we think? I am a bit sceptical aboutthis. Maybe I’ll do an article about it in my blog next year.


Andrew Calcutt argues that in staying childish and obsessing over his identity, Michael Jackson was actually normal by today’s standards: Jacko was a product of our Wacko culture.


Novelist Mark Helprin talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about copyright and the ideas in his book, Digital Barbarism. Helprin argues for an extension rather than a reduction in the length of time that authors have control over their work. He also argues that technology is often not attuned to human needs and physical constraints, claiming that tranquility is elusive in modern times. He sees the movement against copyright and intellectual property generally as part of an educational and social trend toward collective rather than individual work.

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