My media week 08/11/09

In The Times Ben Macintyre  argues that narratives are disappearing in an online blizzard of tiny bytes of information: The internet is killing storytelling.

Thinking Allowed has a programme about white–collar crime and the cultural factors that are behind it.

With the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall there have beem a spate of articles. This article by Paul Hollander is called Murderous Idealism. It should be obvious but it is very easy to forget the lessons of the last hundred years:

In the aftermath of the fall of Soviet communism, many Western intellectuals remain convinced that capitalism is the root of all evil. There has been a long tradition of such animosity among Western intellectuals who gave the benefit of doubt or outright sympathy to political systems that denounced the profit motive and proclaimed their commitment to create a more humane and egalitarian society, and unselfish human beings. The failure of communist systems to improve human nature doesn’t mean that all such attempts are doomed, but improvements will be modest and are unlikely to be attained by coercion.


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