My media week 06/12/09

Radio Four has a new science chat show called The Infinite Monkey Cage, which takes its name from a famous thought experiment I talked about on an earlier post. The first week’s show featured Irish comedian Dara O’ Briain and Dr Alice Roberts talking about science and comedy, dinosaurs and the battle of good versus evil. The second week will feature by writer Jon Ronson and Seth Shostack from SETI Institute.

In his article on Spiked Anything ‘sustainable’ is not worth having Frank Furedi challenges the cult of sustainability and restraint that is growing in response to the economic recession.

The Onion has this video: Zombie Reagan Raised From Grave To Lead GOP

The Observer had a piece Will e-books spell the end of great writing?, which looked at the effects of technology on reading and writing. It mentions that Dom DeLillo still uses a typewriter. But as one wag wrote in the comments section :

Why doesn’t Don DeLillo use a quill pen, a jar of ink, and vellum? How about cuneiform?


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