My media week 31/01/10

As a card-carrying sceptic I have to mention Saturday’s demonstration in which the Merseyside Sceptics Society will stage a “mass overdose” outside Boots stores around Britain tomorrow to protest against the chain’s continuing sale of homeopathic remedies and to argue that such treatments have no scientific basis. The event,  is called 10:23 in an allusion to Italian chemist Avogadro’s number determining the amount of molecules in a given solution, The protesters will swallow the contents of entire bottles of homeopathic pills to make the point that such remedies “are nothing but sugar pills.”  Homeopathy protesters to take ‘mass overdose’ outside Boots

In Radio 4’s religious programme Beyond Belief Ernie Rea discusses whether self-inflicted pain is a valid or offensive form of discipline. It’s a fascinating subject and you hear a wide range of opinions, including a member of Opus Dei. The podcast is available until Monday but you will still be able to listen to it at the Beyond Belief homepage.

The Millions website has a piece about book piracy. It begins like this:

For several years, it seemed as though the book industry was getting a reprieve. As the music industry was ravaged by file sharing, and the film and TV industry were increasingly targeted by downloaders, book piracy was but a quaint cul de sac in the vast file sharing ecology. The tide, however, may be changing. Ereaders have become mainstream, making reading ebooks palatable to many more readers. Meanwhile, technology for scanning physical books and breaking the DRM on ebooks has continued to advance. Here is the article: Confessions of a Book Pirate.

I listen to EconTalk podcast every week with the excellent Russ Roberts. His newest project is a rap version comparing Keynesian and Austrian approaches to business cycle – Fear the Boom and Bust. Fortunately Roberts doesn’t actually do the rapping. The video features Billy Scafuri as John Maynard Keynes and Adam Lustick as F. A. Hayek. You can watch the video, download the song to your iPod, read the lyrics and find links to Keynes and Hayek here.

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