Robocall and other new words

Here is a selection of new words I found on the Wordspy website:


A temporary loss of inhibition while online.


An automated phone call that plays a recorded message

email apnea

The unconscious and temporary suspension of regular breathing while checking and reading email


A false or non-existent controversy.

tramp stamp

A lower-back tattoo, particularly on a woman who ensures the tattoo can be seen by wearing a short top and low-rise pants.


A person who studies or is fascinated by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

black dog syndrome

In an animal shelter, the tendency for black- or dark-coated dogs to be passed over for adoption in favor of lighter colored dogs.


A person who dislikes shopping, or does not have much time for shopping, and so tends to select items quickly and without much thought.


A person who likes the dwarf planet Pluto, particularly one who objects to Pluto’s status as a dwarf planet.

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