My media week 07/03/10

In another thought provoking edition of Baggini’s Philosophy Monthly Baggini talks to  Jerry Fodor about what Darwin got wrong; Ben Goldacre on good philosophy and bad science; Michael Sandel on the problem with secular liberalism; and Philip Zimbardo on good people gone bad. And in The Philosopher’s Magazine there is an interview with Alan Sokal, an outspoken opponent of postmodernism. Sokal was responsible for that paper parodying popstmodernism, “Transgressing the Boundaries: Towards a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity.

In this week’s The Bottom Line Evan Davis and the panel discusses the power of advertising and the pace of modern life.

NPR has a delightful feature on oft-forgotten jobs which have because of technological change Elevator Operators, Icemen, Switchboard Operators and Pinsetters (They would set up the pins in bowling alleys before these were automated.). the lesson here is that over the past century hundreds of millions of jobs have been destroyed but we are not all unemployed. In a dynamic system new ones are constantly being created.

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