My media week 09/05/10

In The New Yorker Malcolm Gladwell looks at spying: Pandora’s Briefcase

In Newsweek the famous film critic Roger Ebert has a go at 3-D movies: Why I Hate 3-D (And You Should Too)

At the RSA author and journalist Alex Bellos presented his new book, Alex’s Adventures in Numberland.  The book looks at how mathematics affects just about everything in our lives, covering such areas as “the beauty of mathematical patterns in nature, the peculiar predictability of random behaviour, how to win at the casino, the deep connections between maths, religion and philosophy, and why the best Scrabble players are mathematicians.

The Onion had this piece: New Law Forces CEOs To Humbly Shrug Before Receiving Massive Bonuses


One Response to My media week 09/05/10

  1. Carlos says:

    i mostly disagree in the 3d article. It has some good points which i already thought, but some others are really unfair.

    aaaaaand, they are missing the most important point about 3d. Don’t think about what you’ve already got, but about how could it be developed. It isn’t good right now?fair enoguh. but think of how good can it be.
    Don’t think in the jazz singer, think in singing in the rain

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