My media week 30/05/10

In the Wall Street Journal Matt Ridley, who has just published a book called The Rational Optimist, looks at Humans: Why They Triumphed. He also spoke at the RSA although the audio hasn’t been posted yet.

Don Boudreaux offers an impassioned defence of short selling:  Who you callin’ ‘Shorty’?

I liked these two pieces from The Onion: Christian Groups: Biblical Armageddon Must Be Taught Alongside Global Warming  and Existentialist Firefighter Delays 3 Deaths.

One Response to My media week 30/05/10

  1. Those interested in Ridley’s very good book might wish to know about my own book, THE CASE FOR RATIONAL OPTIMISM (Transaction Books, Rutgers University, 2009), which makes quite similar points and arguments, but develops the case for optimism over a rather broader range of subject areas. See

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