My media week 06/06/10

This curious article tells the story of Ron Wayne, co-founder of Apple, who sold his 10% stake in the tech giant for $800. If Wayne, now 76, had held onto those shares they would now be worth about $22 billion: Apple’s lost founder: Jobs, Woz and Wayne.

I don’t normally quote The Guardian’s George Monbiot favourably but I found his piece this week quite informative. In a couple of My Media Weeks I put up links to Matt Ridley and his new book The Rational Optimist. What I didn’t know was that Ridley, a trained zoologist, journalist and author, was head of Northern Rock when it had to be a bailed out.  Ridley who argued that taxes, bailouts, regulations, subsidies, intervention of any kind were unwarranted restraints on market freedom, had no problem accepting public money.  That doesn’t disprove his arguments but it does make him a hypocrite: This state-hating free marketeer ignores his own failed experiment.

This year’s Reith lectures feature Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society, Astronomer Royal and Master of Trinity College, Cambridge “Scientific Horizons” will explore the challenges facing science in the 21st century.


One Response to My media week 06/06/10

  1. Anyone interested in a book making the case for optimism, over a broad range of subject areas, that was N O T written by a beneficiary of a government bail-out, might consider mine: THE CASE FOR RATIONAL OPTIMISM (Transaction Books, Rutgers University, 2009), See

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