My media week 27/06/10

Last week I did a piece about Prohibition and I mentioned the concept of bootleggers and Baptists. On there is an interview with Bruce Yandle explaining what it means. They also have a piece debunking subliminal advertising.

John Kay argues in favour of the separation of banks.

ABC’s All in the Mind looks at Henry Gustav Molaison (known as HM), the most famous patient of 20th century neuroscience. I talked about him in a post I did about memory. After surgery to cure epilepsy, he became a man who lived in the perpetual present. The Remarkable Story of HM: remembering the man without memory.

I shall also be listening to ABC’s The Philosopher’s Zone, which deals with Derrida – the father of deconstruction. I get the impression he is the type of thinker that I’m not going to like but I would like to know more about him.

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