My media week 03/10/10

At the RSA Dominic Sandbrook gave an entertaining talk about The Way We Were: Britain at the Start of the Seventies. Sandbrook takes into the world of Enoch Powell and Tony Benn, David Bowie and Brian Clough, Germaine Greer and Mary Whitehouse.

This week’s EconTalk features Gary Greenberg, psychologist and author of The Noble Lie and Manufacturing Depression. The controversial Greenberg argues that there are strong monetary incentives to define various problems as illnesses that psychiatrists “cure” with drugs. He also talks about the scientific basis for addiction and the role of brain chemistry in depression.

The BBC World Service features programme The Interview features Pastor Terry Jones, who captured world headlines recently by threatening to burn copies of the Koran. Why did he change his mind and has he learned anything from the experience?

In Spiked Duleep Allirajah argues that professionalism has benefited sport: Money didn’t destroy sport. It liberated it.

And finally The Onion has Bush Still Working On Manned Mission To Mars Quietly In Spare Time.


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