My media week 10/10/10

At Café Hayek Russ Roberts has this thought experiment. Here is the introduction:

Talking to my same smart friend about World War II, he said, “Surely World War II created prosperity. People who had been out of work had jobs in the tank factory and had money to spend. There was zero unemployment. Don’t tell me that the military expansion of World War II didn’t improve the economy!” Here is my answer…

 There are some really excellent podcasts at the RSA and the LSE. They include Gordon Brown at Number 10, 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism, The Verdict – Did Labour Change Britain?, Them and Us: Why we need a fair society and Being Wrong

Newsweek has this interesting piece: Why Do IQ Scores Vary By Nation? salutes Mario Vargas Llosa and looks at the politics of the Nobel Prize for Literature: The Power Politics of the Prize.

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