My media week 21/11/10

I have never played FarmVille but I was interested to read this article from The Guardian, FarmVille: they reap what you sow. I don’t know what the author, Ms Penny, had for breakfast that morning but the article sounded like something from Mao’s Cultural Revolution:

Alienated workers pay real money to play out a fantasy of having control over the products of their own labour, but the true tragedy is that, even in the jerky bucolic idyll of FarmVille, they are still working for someone else’s profit.”

Perhaps they should make a communist collective farm version where there was no alienation or exploitation. I’m sure productivity would increase and anyway it would be great fun killing the Kulaks.

The website for the Global Language Monitor has its list of the top words of 2010 including spillcam, Vuvuzela and  Sarah Palin’s refudiate.

In John Stossel argues that Natural Is Not Always Better

 Finally in The Guardian John Crace give George Bush’s Decision Points the digested read treatment.


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