My media week 12/12/10

Radio 4’s Great Lives looked at the life and times of Malcolm McLaren. Was he a musical great, or the great rock n’ roll swindler? Listen and judge for yourself.

The Daily Mail  looks at some recent scandals in Celebration, Disney’s model community in Florida. Wife-swapping, suicide, vandals … and now even a brutal murder. Walt would be turning in his frozen grave if that weren’t an urban myth.

In the Guardian Darian Leader argues that you shouldn’t judge talking therapies on the basis of market values. That’s all well and good but as a sceptic, I want to see some kind of evidence that it’s any better than sitting down for a chat.

At Café Hayek Russ Roberts argues that we need real capitalism on Wall Street. He believes that currently we have crony capitalism based on rent-seeking. Here is part of what he wrote:

And you are right of course–there are parts of Wall Street that are subject to market forces. But as long as creditors in large financial institutions are not in that group, it doesn’t matter how many banks or hedge funds or insurance companies fail–the players in the large financial institutions will be encouraged to be over-leveraged and the decision-makers who make imprudent decisions with borrowed money will be highly rewarded as they pick up nickels in front of the steamroller.

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