Some gems from the OED

After he  had finished reading all the OED Ammon Shea was inevitably asked what his favourite words were; he chose 500. Here is a selection of those words:

antapology – a response or reply to an apology

bedinner – to treat to dinner

cachinnator – one who laughs too much or too loudly

conjugalism – the art of making a good marriage

debag – to strip the pants from a person

dilapidator – a person who neglects a building and allows it to deteriorate

dyspathy – the opposite of sympathy

gove – to stare stupidly

gymnologize – to dispute naked, like an Indian philosopher

hansardize – to change one’s opinion

happify – to make happy

miskissing – kissing that is wrong

natiform – buttock-shaped

paracme – the point at which one is past one’s prime

pejorist – one who thinks the world is getting worse

philodox – one who is in love with his own opinion

quisquilious – of the nature of garbage or trash

rapin – an unruly art student

ruffing – the stomping of feet as a form of applause

sanculottic – clothed inadequately, or in some improper fashion

tripudiate – to dance, skip or leap for joy

twi-thought – a vague or indistinct thought

unlove – to cease loving a person

vocabularian – one who pays too much attention to words

xanthodontous – having teeth that are yellow, as do some rodents

yuky – itchy; also, itchy with curiosity

zyxt – to see


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