Kim Jong-il’s titles

When Kim Jong-il, the leader of the DPRK, is mentioned in North Korean media and publications, he is not simply addressed by name. At least one special title is used and his name is emphasized by a special bold font, for example: “The great leader Comrade Kim Jong-il provides on-the-spot guidance to the Ragwon Machine Complex.”[1] The titles themselves are developed by the WPK Central Committee. The same applied to Kim Jong-il’s father, Kim Il-sung, who ruled North Korea from 1948 to 1994. Scholars have collected the following list of Kim Jong-il’s titles:

Superior Person

Respected Leader The title has been in use since the middle of 1970s[3].

Wise Leader

Brilliant Leader

Unique Leader The

Dear Leader, who is a perfect incarnation of the appearance that a leader should have


Great Leader

Father of the People

Sun of the Communist Future

Shining Star ofPaektuMountain

Guiding Ray of Sun

Leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces

Guarantee of the Fatherland’s Unification

Symbol of the Fatherland’s Unification

Fate of the Nation

Beloved Father

Leader of the Party, of the country, and of the Army



Great Leader of our Party and of our Nation

Great General

Beloved and Respected General

Great Leader When Kim Il-sung was alive, this title was used only to refer to him[3].

Beloved and Respected Leader

Invincible and Iron-Willed Commander

Sun of Socialism

Sun of the Nation

The Great Sun of Life

Great Sun of The Nation

Father of the Nation

World’s Leader of The 21st Century 

Peerless Leader

Bright Sun of the 21st Century

Great Sun of the 21st Century

Leader of the 21st Century

Amazing politician

Great Man, Who Descended From Heaven

Glorious General, Who Descended From Heaven

Supreme Leader of the Nation

Bright Sun of Juche

Leader of the Party and the People 

Great Marshal 

Invincible and All-triumphant General 

Beloved and Respected Father 

Guiding Star of the 21st Century 

Great Man, Who Is a Man of Deeds 

Great Defender 


Mastermind of the Revolution 

Highest Incarnation of the Revolutionary Comradely Love 

His Excellency

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  1. Alberto says:

    Let’s see which titles history casts on them…

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