My media week 15/05/11

On EconTalk this week economist Bryan Caplan presented his new book, Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids. His take on parenting is very different to the tiger mothers and their tough love:

“Quit fretting over how much TV your kids watch. Don’t force them to do a million activities they hate. Accept that your children’s lives are shaped mostly by their genes and their own choices, not by the sacrifices you make in hopes of turning them into successful adults.”

Craig Brown doesn’t like Scrabble – Let me spell it out… I just hate Scrabble.

In this ABC Future Tense podcast Brian Christian has some interesting things to say about AI and what it means to be human in an era of such rapid technological change: The most human human.

On the Freakeconomics blog Tim Harford argues for the importance of failure. He compares the astonishing failure rate of Silicon Valley with Detroit, where the big three carmakers go on for ever:  Failure: It’s Everywhere


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