My media week 25/09/11

The BBC has produced an eight-hour dramatisation of Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman. The adaptation, which features, Kenneth Branagh and David Tennant, will be broadcast from 18 to 25 September on Radio 4.  Life and Fate, which is set in the battle of Stalingrad, charts the fate of both a nation and a family in the turmoil of war. It has been compared to War and Peace. The Soviet authorities did not share this opinion and the book itself was arrested.

To mark the Pontiff’s visit to Germany Der Spiegel has an interview with dissident theologian Hans Küng: ‘A Putinization of the Catholic Church’

On BBC Radio 4’s Analysis Jamie Whyte investigates riots. The programme opens with the following premise:

Smashing things, running amok, making mayhem: something about riotous behaviour delights us, especially when we’re young.  Getting a flat-screen television, a pair of trainers or a bottle of vodka without paying for it is also nice.  Which makes it strange that, in the weeks following last month’s riots, everyone was asking how they could have happened.  As Roger Scruton, the philosopher and social commentator points out, this question arises from the wrong assumption:

Riots, that is the normal condition of human beings. What needs explaining is why they don’t occur, not why they do occur!  And they don’t occur in England, on the whole.  That is an important observation.

I like contrarian stuff and I was surprised to see this piece in Spiked about Real Madrid defender, Pepe: Football is not just for ballerinas.

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