The joy of translating names

Since I’ve been in Spain I’ve always enjoyed translating Spanish names into English and vice versa. What’s in a name? I have thought that if the Spanish President had been called Josef Ludwig Schumacher instead of José Luís Zapatero Spain wouldn’t be facing such a severe economic crisis. That German name is so imposing. Anyway I have decided to collect a few of my favourites here. I’ve been rather literal in my translations. I hope you enjoy them.

Here are the ones from English into Spanish:

Beatriz Alfarero   Beatrix Potter

Dani Guantero   Danny Glover

Eduardo Sementero   Edward Hopper

Esteban Cetrería    Stephen Hawking

Esteban Trabajos   Steve Jobs

Francisco Pato  Francis Drake

Hugo Beca    Hugh Grant

Jeremy Irons    Jeremias Planchas

Juanito al Contado  Johnny Cash

Judas Derecho  Jude Law

Nicolas Jáula     Nicolas Cage

Pedrito Mercurio  Freddy Mercury

Ramon Cerero   Raymond Chandler


And here are the ones from Spanish into English:

Alex from the Church   Alex de la Iglesia

Angel Grandson     Ángel Nieto

Bert Meter    Alberto Contador

Bethlehem Steven   Belen Esteban

Calm Sunday    Plácido Domingo

Danny Catwalk   Daniel Passarella

Emmanuel of Fault  Manuel de Falla

Ferdinand Towers  Fernado Torres

Jack Safe    Santiago Segura

John Kills     Juan Mata

John Looked  Joan Miró

John Sunday Big Pear  Juan Domingo Peron

July Mouth     Julio Boca

Sophie Noise  Sofía Mazagatos

Tony Flags    Antonio Banderas


I would love to hear more of these from you, especially from other languages.

3 Responses to The joy of translating names

  1. Alberto says:

    There is a fake metro map with the translation of all the names of the stations into English.

  2. Nickdg says:

    How about Guille Puertas, Jorge Arbusto or Jules Churches?

  3. molivam42 says:

    Thanks Alberto,

    Here is a link to the map you mentioned:

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