More ignorance, narcissism, stupidity, hypocrisy and bad grammar

I have already the featured the spEak you’re branes blog, which features the ignorance, narcissism, stupidity, hypocrisy and bad grammar taken from the Have Your Say section of the BBC website. Here is a selection:

All atheists are anarchists by nature; and all anarchists are parasites by design that enjoy feeding off the misery endured by the vulnerable. The vulnerable of course are all those Religious individuals who wouldn’t wish their worse fears on anybody else. All anarchists should be asked the simple question :- ” when did you decide to be born “. Catch-42, Macclesfield, England

Geoff #5 Spell checker on word does not teach you vocabulary , it often results in extremly poor grammer as word does not really perform grammer checks. People do a brain dump and then only look at individual words in spell check and leave it at that which often leads to extremly poor grammer  Stick to TV mate  Cam

Has anyone else noticed that ‘Dawkins’ spelt backwards is ‘snik wad’, eh? I think that tells us a lot. errrrr

Cease sex education immediately. What a lot of absolute tosh! In this world full of left wing do-gooder, liberal pansies, what do we need this nonsense for. We never had such a waste of time when we were at school, 50 or so years ago, and we found out what to do, as did the early cave men! We will be telling them how to use toilet paper next! Teenagers deserve what they get, as they have no moral scruples whatsoever, following in the footsteps of their parents. Don’t treat them on the NHS, but let them pay privately for their disease. Why should precious resources be diverted from real, and genuine sickness, to deal with the likes of some teenagers who, with their “sex education”, should know better!  grumpovian

I shake my head in wonder and sadness at our readiness to sacrifice our beautiful and precious talent on the alter of political correctness that will not allow even the mention of alternative cancer treatments in the public venue, in spite of the overwhelming scientific evidence that some of them work very well. think

This will most likely get moderated and yet it should be considered because it is relevant. Consider: Female President of the USA+ THREAT + PMT = Armageddon Peter Buck

Speed in relation to what? Is the speed of light supposed to be absolute or relative to its immediate surroundings? Remember the test route is travelling in space due to movement of the earth. Maybe the calculations need to include speed of rotation of the earth, rotation around the sun, and movement of our solar system in space. Or maybe Einstein’s theories were incomplete. Mike Solomons

And the reason Rhianna’s gig sold so many……well, personally I think that white people are becoming a minority in this country…..enough said!!!  Jessica Hulme

A mass sterilisation programme is what is needed in these places, never mind poring money into them. I am sick and tired of seeing TV reports of people unable to provide for themselves, living in poverty in squalor but manage to reproduce without an ounce of responsibility. Reg

Red meats PERMANENTLY change the DNA of the bowel. Research it! We should only eat animals which we can kill with our hands (as our teeth witness). Humans only eat cows and pigs because we developed tools, but they are not our natural foods and we should not eat it. Listen to the scientists. They spend their lives researching such things. The masses rely on gut reaction. zrzavy

So a Parrot can learn Urdu as well as English while a bloke in Pakistan gets his wife to sue the British Government because HE refuses to learn English, and unless he does we won’t let him migrate here. It sort of puts things in perspective dosn’t it! Marshian, Romney Marsh

Have the Labour Party just elected as leader a man who has only been an MP since 2005, who is living with someone their child, but who isn’t married, and is the son of a Jewish Marxist Communist theorist? I ask only because surely this ticks every box in the PC wish list …. how will this play in the Muslim community? Desiderius Erasmus

Libyan mothers crying? Only for the cameras. Muslims are incapable of human feelings (being zombie-creatures, human corpses animated by demons from Hell), neither for their little terrorist-larvae nor anything else. It is your humanity which is suspect, since you seem to believe Muslims share it. Are you going to call me a Kraut now, bigot? Your comments are very dull and boring. Nearly everyone on the forum is far smarter and more educated than you are. You write like a 70-year-old farmer. As I have already explained, if you had the IQ to understand the concept, no American is going to tell the truth to a stranger over the phone who knows their full family name and home address, when the American is asked his opinion of Jews. Anyone with an IQ of 70, the legal retardate level, would know this without being told, because he would be born and raised in the US, surrounded by Jews all his life. The American would know to keep his mouth shut about what he honestly thought, and just tell the pollster whatever the pollster wanted to hear. The Galluppoll is pure propaganda, worse than worthless as factual evidence, and everyone in the world knows it. Except you, apparently, because of your low IQ. It’s not surprising that you don’t even know what the word ‘bigot’ means, or that you are one. FirstAdvisor

I would have liked to help stop the thuggary but I did not want to get arrested, sued, breach their human rights, get fined by “no win no fee” solicitors, get a criminal record, lose my job. It looks like the law/police/goverment is on the side of the thugs, blindfolding common sence. If the the law is incapable then take away all their money including their family who shelter them. david jones, walsall uk

More people get cancer because their parents survive cancer due to advanced medicine. So the cancer causing genes are being passed on more than ever. And the medicine/care for these cancer patients is escalating costs massively. We are hindering the Darwin Principle. If we stop cancer victims having offspring or ensure the offspring don’t have the cancer genes, this would be better for our future! Neo

Lets face it BBC, you are really not interested in what people have to say, unless of course it agrees with yourselves. I subscribe to many national newspaper comment sections which are far less restricted then HYS, and at least allow people to have a view. I really do hate political correctness, and lets face it, the BBC is extremely politically correct. Being the voice of the political Liberal Left will always rule the BBC, and anyone who doesn’t agree with your views will always be excluded. It is a sad show of democracy when our national broadcasting company is so undemocratic, but unfortunately the state of our big brother society which tells all UK citizens what they should believe, how they should be anti-Christian, pro Europe, anti British culture because we MUST fit in with our immigrant population and not fly any British flags, must call Christmas, Winter Festival, must not use Christian prayer for anyone, I mean heaven help us all if we believe in God, we are considered freaks. I feel extremely sad that the BBC has become what they are today….slaves to the popular policially correct society, instead of actually having a mind of their own. Thankfully, there are still organisations out there, including many national newspapers, who still have some guts and stand up for the people. KnightShift

What a sad world we are becoming. It was once thought that technology especially computers would be a slave to man, a tool to ease his burden and give him greater leisure time but it seems to me that man is becoming the slave to technoogy with people spending every spare minute glued to their computer.  If that’s living then its your choice and your welcome to it personally I would much prefer to go for walk in the country and stop and chat with people in the flesh. Don’y get me wrong, social networking sites have their place in society and are brilliant for the less abled bodied person although experience tells me that many of the so called less abled bodied people would benefit from a walk in the country.  RonC

Mr Hawking, you have a brilliant mind, but you and others like you are flawed. I shall attempt to point out the flaws:

Take the amoeba. The amoeba is the most complex single celled organism in existence. The amoeba is also unique, because, it has been proven that it perceives and recognizes that there are forces/life outside of what it knows. If you apply heat or cold, the amoeba reacts. It knows it did not generate the heat or cold, but it recognized it and adapted accordingly. The amoeba recognizes others of its kind, and even other single celled organisms. It reacts and adapts accordingly. The amoeba recognizes light and dark, and adapts accordingly.

The reasons I post this is that humans are like the amoebas. We are the most complex of organisms, we recognize other organisms, and we develop our own mechanisms of dealing with life inside and around us. We also ‘know’ that there are a higher set of powers/environments out there, forces yet to be ‘discovered’, etc etc, but we still adapt and overcome.

For you to deny the existence of God or saying ‘God is not needed for our environment’ is like the amoeba wagging one of its tentacles at us, the humans, saying the same thing. This logic by association is exactly the reason why God 1: is real and exists and 2: determines ‘our Judgement’ when we die. Does the pietry dish get flushed? Does the amoeba who dies gets ‘reborn’?

To say that the “Big Bang” happens without God’s hand, is like saying “we humans didn’t put amoebas in the pietry dish”. Going by your argument that ‘gravity exists, therefore, Big Bang occurred’, means there had to be a set of environments and objects in place for gravity to happen. And, another counter-argument to your gravity farce, if this is in any way shape or form true, explain to me what a Black Hole is, what it does, and what happens to ANYTHING that gets pulled by a black hole?

For all we know, the black hole could be a vacuum cleaner going through and sucking up everything out of the pietry dish. Now, does that mean that the Bible is ‘word’? That, depends on the interpretation of each person and the faith of each person. It may not be perfect, since it is of mortal design, but it IS the best we got so far. Until some evidence comes along that can be explained in a calm, rational, justifiable manner, then, I guess “God” is the best we got (and the only one that makes sense). hause


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