Hair trivia

Hair trivia

Here is a selection of trivia about  I found in books and on the Internet:

Peter the Great of Russia imposed a beard tax in 1698, later adding a penalty that involved shaving with a blunt razor or being plucked with pincers, one hair at a time.

The Scottish Highlands have the highest proportion of redheads in the world—around one in nine.

The Roman word for beard is barba, which gave us the term barber. Early barbers cut hair and trimmed beards, but they also pulled teeth and practiced medicinal bloodletting. This last procedure required the patient to expose his veins by squeezing a pole painted red to hide the bloodstains. When not in use the red pole was displayed outside wrapped in the white gauze used as bandages, and it eventually became the official trademark of the barber.

Aevin Dugas (USA) is the proud owner of a record-breaking afro. When measured in New Orleans,USA, on October 4, 2010, it had a circumference of 4ft 4in(1.32 m). She trims her afro two or three times a year, and uses up to five conditioners at once when she washes it.

In many cultures shaving is forbidden. The reason we in the West lather up every morning can be traced directly back to Alexander the Great. Before he seized power, all European men grew beards. But because young Alexander wasn’t able to muster much facial hair, he scraped off his peach fuzz every day with a dagger. Not wanting to offend the great warrior, those close to him did likewise, and soon shaving became the custom

The fashion for wearing wigs began with Louis XIII (1601–43) – who went prematurely bald in 1624 – and ended with the French Revolution. Wigs were often as expensive as the rest of a man’s clothing put together.

The iconic locks of American footballer Troy Polamalu (USA) of the Pittsburgh Steelers (USA) were insured for $1 million with Lloyd’s of London by shampoo brand Head & Shoulders on August 30, 2010.

It took four hours for stylists to erect Kazuhiro Watanabe’s (Japan) 41.3-in-tall (105-cm) mohican. The length was verified at the MACRO hair salon in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, on January 10, 2011. The mohawk was an incredible9.8 in(25 cm) taller than that of the previous record-holder from Germany.

The expression “blonde bombshell,” often used to describe a dynamic and sexy woman with blonde hair, came from a 1933 movie starring Jean Harlow.Hollywoodfirst titled the film Bombshell, but because it sounded like a war film, the British changed the title to Blonde Bombshell. It originally referred only to the platinum-haired Miss Harlow, but has come to mean any gorgeous woman of the blonde persuasion.

Lord Byron was irresistible to women. The archive of John Murray, his publisher, contains locks of hair posted to him from the heads and pubic regions of more than a hundred women (including, most famously, Lady Caroline Lamb). Byron would sometimes reciprocate, although he was more likely to send a tuft cut from Boatswain, his Newfoundland dog.

In 2002, researchers at the University of Louisville reported that people with ginger hair require 20 percent more anaesthetic before surgery than people with hair of another colour.

The Oxford Companion to the Body dates the origins of the merkin, or pubic wig, back to 1450. As a measure against lice, some women shaved off their pubic hair and covered the area with an artificial hairpiece. Prostitutes also wore them, though their motivation seems more likely to have been a desire to cover up signs of disease. The Oxford Companion also mentions a tale of one gentleman who acquired the diseased merkin of a prostitute, dried it, combed it well, and then presented it to a cardinal, telling him that he had brought him St. Peter’s beard.

And finally here are some Guinness records:

Longest arm hair: 5.75 in(461 cm) – Justin Shaw (USA).

Longest beard (ever): 17 ft6 in(5.33 m) – Hans N Langseth (Norway).

Longest chest hair: 9 in(22.8 cm) – Richard Condo (USA).

Longest ear hair: 7.12 in(18.1 cm) – Anthony Victor (India).

Longest eyebrow hair: 7.01 in(17.8 cm) – Toshie Kawakami (Japan).

Longest leg hair: 6.5 in(16.51 cm) – Wesley Pemberton (USA).

Longest nipple hair: 5.07 in(12.9 cm) – Douglas Williams (USA).


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