My Saturnalia message

This year I’ve decided to have a message for the festive season. In honour of Sheldon Cooper, it will be a Saturnalia message. Alas it will have to be brief. All the talk this week has been about the Mayan calendar, but nobody remembers Harold Camping, the American Christian radio broadcaster. Camping. With the help of the science of numerology he has predicted the End Times on a number of occasions, including twice in 2011. In the face of these erroneous predictions Camping’s congregation dwindled to about 25 adults on a typical Sunday, according to Wikipedia. The radio preacher even made Time magazine’s “Top 10 Failed Predictions“. On June 9, 2011, Camping suffered a stroke and was hospitalised. After he was released from hospital, he went into to a nursing home for rehabilitation. He is now at home but his speech may have become slurred. His radio program, Camping’s Open Forum, has been taken off Family Radio.

Anyway, we’re all still here. I wish you a happy Saturnalia and a sceptical new year. I’ll be back in the first week of January.

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