Lolbertarian and other new words

Here is another selection of new words I found on the Wordspy website:


A person who believes society should switch to a base-12 counting system instead of the current base-10 system.


An atheist who respects or accommodates other people’s religious beliefs, or who attends religious services

food baby

A distended stomach caused by overeating.


A libertarian whose views are so extreme as to invite mockery. (laugh out loud + libertarian.)

long data

A massive data set that extends back in time hundreds or thousands of years.


Explaining in a patronizing way, particularly when done by a man who combines arrogance with ignorance of the topic. [Man + explaining.]


A man who has an extramarital affair with a woman


Relating to a worker who wears an orange safety vest while on the job.


In a movie, play, or TV show, the practice of hiring actors whose race is different from that of the characters they portray.


Repurposing or remixing existing artistic works to create, in whole or in part, a new work.


Discrimination based on a person’s gender and age, particularly discrimination against older women.


A person who is sexually attracted to intelligent people.


A photographic self-portrait, particularly one taken with the intent of posting it to a social network.


To interrupt one’s own work to check social media or perform some other non-work-related task.


Describes an accident caused by the driver of a car failing to see a cyclist or pedestrian. Also: Smidsy. [From the phrase, Sorry, mate, I didn’t see you.]

success theater

Posting images and stories designed to make others believe you are more successful than you really are.


A bee that is forced to abandon its hive and kill itself after being infected by a parasitic fly.


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