Wikipedia’s unusual articles # 2

March 16, 2013

A while back I featured Wikipedia’s unusual articles page where Wikipedians list articles that you wouldn’t expect to find in the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Here is another selection:

Adwaita Possibly the oldest creature of modern times, this 255 year-old tortoise was the former pet of Robert Clive of the British East India Company.

Candiru A small parasitic freshwater catfish that swims into the gill openings of other aquatic species – or human penises.

Civet coffee Not coffee made from civets, but rather from ordinary coffee beans the civet has, well, excreted.

Das erste Wiener Gemüseorchester An Austrian orchestra whose musical instruments are made solely from vegetables.

David Hahn A 17 year-old, known as the Radioactive Boy Scout, who irradiated his back yard attempting to build a nuclear breeder reactor from spare parts.

Grammarians’ War At the start of the 16th century, British schoolmasters were insulting one another. In Latin, of course.

Heart Attack Grill Noted for its 8,000-calorie “Quadruple Bypass Burger”.

Klüver–Bucy syndrome A behavioral disorder with some very odd symptoms, including “hypersexuality” and a desire to examine objects with the mouth. Named after two doctors who gave psychotropic drugs to lobotomized monkeys.

Mary Toft An English woman who hoaxed doctors into believing that she had given birth to rabbits.

Metal umlaut Gïvë thë lögö för ÿöür hëävy mëtäl bänd ä töügh Gërmänïc fëël.

Möbius syndrome A disease, most envied by poker players, that makes facial expressions impossible.

Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead Part 2: In Shocking 2-D  As if that wasn’t bad enough, it spawned a sequel.

Prince Philip Movement A religious movement on the island of Tanna in Vanuatu which holds that Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is a divine being.

Religious pareidolia A tendency to see religious imagery in in the textures of corn chips, cinnamon rolls, toast, clouds, etc, etc.

Robot jockey Robots designed to ride dromedary camels.

Rose   A goat that was married to a Sudanese man in 2006.

The Cure for Insomnia A movie that runs for 85 hours. Not the longest movie ever screened, however.

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement A movement that calls for the voluntary extinction of the human race.

Year 10,000 problem The collective name for all potential software bugs that will emerge as the need to express years with five digits arises.