Sodcast and other new words

Here is another selection of new words I found on the Wordspy website:

amygdala hijack

An immediate, overwhelming, and usually inappropriate emotional response to a perceived threat or emergency.


A person who obsessively collects and shares data about his or her own life to improve self-knowledge and embellish self-presentation.

eye broccoli

An unattractive person


Pretending to work hard; busyness that consists of trivial or unproductive activities

guerrilla proofreading  

Marking up a public sign to correct or point out a grammatical error or typo.

Matilda effect 

The systematic under-recognition of the contributions of women to science, particularly in favor of their male colleagues.

organ recital

A long-winded recitation of one’s ailments, particularly those related to or caused by aging.


Snubbing another person by using your smartphone instead of interacting with that person

Proteus phenomenon

The tendency for early findings in a new area of research to alternate between opposite conclusions.

safe shake

The touching of elbows used as a handshake replacement to avoid spreading germs.

smartphone face

A drooping jawline and saggy jowls caused by neck muscles that ave been shortened from constantly looking down at a smartphone or similar device.


To play music loud enough that other people can hear it, particularly in a public location.

stealth wear

Clothing designed to prevent the wearer from being tracked, recognized, or photographed, particularly by surveillance systems


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